Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rather simple. The reward for work well done is the opportunity to create long lasting relationships with our clients and the chance to do more work in the future. It is the chance to continue exploring new and more efficient ways of performing the tasks that we take on every day.  It allows us to create the perfect working environment for those who contribute to the success of Globalme including clients, employees and our freelancers.

What Drives Us

We have a passion for language and technology, and combining the two gives us a great opportunity for innovation (and lots of fun). At Globalme, we encourage new ideas and initiation of independent projects. Our team is unique, because we attract the best and like-minded people: movers and shakers, entrepreneurs and forward thinkers.

Autonomy is what we value, mastery is what we strive for, and having the ability to innovate and explore is what motivates us every day. Combining all of the above is what we call Globalme.