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Document Translation Services

Globalme provides comprehensive document translation services for print materials – whether it is translation for marketing collateral, product catalogues, forms or corporate communication materials.

We follow strict quality assurance processes to ensure that the text we work with correctly expresses the intended message in foreign languages. From the initiation of the project, we involve our clients and in-country stakeholders so that they can provide us with guidelines as to the translation of their product names and services, and a feedback upon completion of each project.

Technology is an important part of our service. We maintain glossaries and translation memories for each client we work with, so that we can increase consistency of translation for future projects and apply discounts for the text that has been translated in the past. If you have ongoing translation needs, we provide integrated document translation service solutions which drastically simplify the workflow.

Contact us today and to discuss your document translation needs and see how we can help.

Legal Translation

Contracts • Sweepstakes • Patents

Technical Translation

User Guides • Spec Sheets

Marketing Translation

Product Catalogs • Marketing Brochures