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Foreign Language Transcription Services

Precision meets fast turn-around at Globalme. Whether it is Verbatim Transcription, Summary, or Smooth Verbatim, our professional foreign language transcription team will deliver the content the way you need it. You record the audio or video; we transcribe and translate it. We can work with any media format!

Globalme often works with market research groups where accuracy of transcription and translation is a very important factor to ensure the proper interpretation of data. When performing foreign language transcription and translation, the English fluency of the transcriber is equally important as the native language. Our foreign language transcription quality check team are based in the United States and Canada and are native speakers of their source languages.

Unlike many other transcription companies, we work with foreign languages every day and translation is our field of expertise. Our multi-level transcription process is followed by a quality check to ensure that your video or audio is transcribed properly and that the transcribed text is translated entirely.

Globalme offers:

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