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Transcription Quality Assurance

Accuracy of transcription and translation is a very important factor to ensure the proper interpretation of data in foreign language transcription.

Our Transcription Quality Assurance process starts at the very beginning of a transcription project and is documented for each step. Unlike many other transcription companies, we work with foreign languages every day and translation is our field of expertise. All our linguistic staff are native speakers of the target language with a native level fluency in English.


Each audio transcriptionist is selected for a project based on their skills and experience. Legal and medical transcription require knowledge of the respective industry and jargon while research and interview transcription may require narrowing down the transcription to the meaning and skipping filler words and sentences. Our transcriptionists use modern transcription and translation tools to ensure accuracy, increase efficiency and perform a quality review of their own work.


The editor reviews the transcription for accuracy and completeness. This editing process includes listening to the audio file and reading through the transcribed text to ensure accuracy. Any corrections that the editor sees necessary are implemented to the transcribed text.


Editor’s changes are reviewed by the transcriptionist. If there are any conflicts, a third resource will be brought in (an industry expert if necessary) to ensure transcription quality.

Project Management

Each project has an assigned project manager who monitors the entire process and to ensure that the transcription quality assurance steps are followed and documented according to our guidelines. The project manager is the direct client contact for communication, reporting and file handling.

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