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Video Subtitling Services

If you are looking for a foreign language subtitling company, you came to the right place. Our subtitling service unit consists of translators who have extensive experience translating subtitles for major names in broadcasting, such as CNN and HBO; localization engineers who are experts in putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and enabling the translated subtitles; as well as a localization quality assurance team that ensures the quality of the translated subtitles for the target audience.

Whether it is for a movie or an online video, subtitling is crucial when you target a multi lingual audience. At Globalme, we provide translation, transcription, and video subtitling services for almost any language and any type of media.

As the leading subtitling company, we work with producers from all over the world. Our satisfied customers include Unicef, Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen, Underwriter Laboratories and many others.

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We are one of the few subtitling companies that also provide voice over and dubbing services. If you prefer to localize the audio instead of adding subtitles, see our other media translation services.

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