Desktop Software Localization Services

Software localization is more than just the translation of the user interface. It is an ongoing effort which starts at the very beginning of software development with internationalization.  In fact, translation is less than half of a typical software localization service cost. The process involves other elements such as proper adaptation of number formats, measuring units, sorting styles and other country/region-specific preferences.

Successful software localization requires close collaboration between the development and localization teams. It is crucial that software developers have the necessary knowledge to develop localizable software in order to avoid unnecessary costs. Our software localization services are tailored for each customer. We strongly recommend that you contact us early in your development cycle to benefit the most from our localization know-how.

We provide integration services with our translation management system which drastically reduces the time to market and the cost involved in software localization. This integration makes localization part of the development cycle rather than being a catch up task. You develop your software, we localize it to other languages — seamlessly.

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