We are technophiles, linguists, engineers, and masters of efficiency living at the intersection of emerging technologies, language, and human interaction. Though mission control resides in Vancouver, Canada, our projects extend worldwide. Our diverse team, made possible by the diverse residents of Vancouver, adds wealth of knowledge to the workplace and also creates a unique in-country simulation for localization projects. Each team member is carefully selected for their skills, entrepreneurial mindset, passion, and undefeatable attitude.


Delivering on our promise of getting products Ready for People is what drives us. We’re committed to enhancing and optimizing your customer’s experience with your products. Getting a chance to play with emerging technologies is an added bonus.


In 2005, after years of working as a localization engineer, Emre Akkas joined forces with Hanna Golota, an MBA and operations genius. They began servicing localization and translation clients under the name uniQode in Portland, Oregon. In 2009 they moved their headquarters to Vancouver, B.C. to expand their talent pool. uniQode rebranded as Globalme in 2010 with the launch of the first Translation Management System (TMS) connector for Drupal. Globalme has since grown by 350% in just eight years. Globalme was on Canada’s 2015 Profit 500 list and was awarded ‘Business in Vancouver’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in 2014 and 2015.



Our philosophy is rather simple. The reward for work well done is the opportunity to create long lasting relationships with our clients and the chance to make an impact on their products. It is the chance to continue exploring new and more efficient ways of performing the tasks that we take on every day. It allows us to create the perfect working environment for people who have a passion for technology and the way we use it.  We provide a unique work environment where employees are encouraged to grow and experiment by challenging the status quo. What else creates a better workplace than having a team of individuals who are passionate about the work they do?

For our employees, autonomy is what we value, mastery is what we strive for, and having the ability to innovate and explore is what motivates us every day. At Globalme, we push everyone to live and breathe that mantra. To be comfortable with being uncomfortable; to be unafraid to experiment with and challenge the status quo. What makes our team extra special? We thrive off each other’s presence and passion; whether it’s taking a moment out of someone’s day for an extra hand on a project, enjoying a cold beer together at the end of the week, going to musicals after work, or battling it out with beach volleyball.


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