Our mission is simple: we ensure your products and services are Ready for People regardless of your end-users language, culture, or background.


At Globalme, we have a passion for language and technology, and combining the two gives us a great opportunity for innovation (and lots of fun). We encourage new ideas and initiation of independent projects. Our team is unique, because we attract the best and like-minded people: movers and shakers, entrepreneurs and forward thinkers.

Autonomy is what we value, mastery is what we strive for, and having the ability to innovate and explore is what motivates us every day. Combining all of the above is what we call Globalme.

Find out more about our founder’s stories in Hanna’s and Emre’s articles, or check out their LinkedIn profiles: Hanna’s LinkedIn & Emre’s LinkedIn.

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In 2005, after years of working as a localization engineer, Emre Akkas joined forces with Hanna Golota, an MBA and operations genius. They began servicing localization and translation clients under the name uniQode in Portland, Oregon. In 2009 they moved their headquarters to Vancouver, B.C. to expand their talent pool. uniQode rebranded as Globalme in 2010.

Featured on Canada’s 2015 Profit 500 list and ‘Business in Vancouver’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in 2014 and 2015, we’re continuing to thrive with every passing year.

globalme portland office

Portland Office

Going back to their roots, Globalme re-opens the Portland office.

More technology

The company launches a multilingual speech data management platform which helps speech technology developers to collect, classify, analyze and consume speech data.

Globalme is growing. Fast!

Globalme is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in both British Columbia’s BC100 and Canada’s PROFIT500.

Data, data, data

Globalme completes a large-scale data collection project in 9 countries around the world for a speech operated AI assistant, collecting more than 2000 hours of speech data.

Emerging tech begins

Globalme secures a large project to conduct speech data collection and testing for a well-known voice operated assistant in 10 different languages. The product is put through exhaustive evaluation sessions, both in the lab and on the field with the help of over 500 testers.
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Settling down, growing up

Though having the world as their workspace was fun, Hanna and Emre come to the decision to settle down, rent an office, hire their first full-time employee, and grow the company more than would be possible on the road. This move catalyzes the next big stages of growth for Globalme.

Launching TMS connector for Drupal

As Globalme adapts the open source TMS GlobalSight, they see an opportunity to launch the first TMS connector for Drupal in the industry. It still powers many large multilingual enterprise websites today.
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Re-branding as Globalme

After months of searching for a new name, uniQode becomes Globalme. It is now a full-service end-to-end language solutions provider.

Moving to Canada

Canada’s friendlier immigration system and diverse population attract the duo. They quit their corporate day jobs, and start working on the business full-time after the move to Vancouver, BC.
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Founding uniQode

The company incorporates under the name uniQode’, and continues providing their services to various language solution providers in Portland, OR.

Getting into the QA and Translation industry

As they consult as QA Testers and localization engineers at various different language companies in Portland, Hanna and Emre see a market need for Localization Quality Assurance. They focus on finding and training Quality Assurance candidates. Eventually, sending them to work on projects with local localization companies.


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