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BCTech Summit 2017 Recap Tile Thin

If you follow our social media feeds, you might already know that Globalme made an appearance at #BCTech Summit last week. Although it was only the second annual event, it drew a whopping 5,000 business and technology leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, academics and students from around the world. There were 300 BC-based companies, organizations and post-secondary institutions who flocked to showcase their unique innovations and research.

Needless to say, we were blown away by all the different kinds of tech on display. For instance, we saw robots, android-esque exoskeletons, and algae-tech. We saw The Jetson’s-esque electric vehicles, VR and AR experiences, and drones-a-plenty. We even had the opportunity to be driven around in a Tesla!

After setting our exhibition booth up we, naturally, had to take a selfie with a few of our fellow Globalme teammates. They decided to come along to the conference to remind all the visiting tech companies of the importance of localization, data collection and testing for their emerging tech devices, mobile apps, web platforms, and more. Surprisingly, Chewwie and Darth seemed to get along quite well. Although, you don’t want to know how many times Darth complained about his decision to disregard field testing for the Death Star. To top it off, Spock kept trying to convince everyone to release their tech in more than just one language! He lamented about it endlessly. It drove most of us crazy by the end of day-two.

BCTech Summit 2017 Recap - Cardboard cutouts

Opening Plenary

Day one at the conference started off with a bang; hundreds of attendees packed into an impressive auditorium for the opening keynote speeches. We heard from Christy Clark, BC’s very own premier. She delivered an inspiring speech about opening B.C.’s doors to welcome more highly skilled immigrants. She also announced an increase in funding for the tech sector in B.C., and spoke about the importance of integrating innovation, entrepreneurship and coding into B.C. schools.

We also heard from Julia White, VP of Microsoft Corporate, Kenny Hawk of Get Mojio, and JB Straubel, CTO of the one and only Tesla Motors. As expected, Tesla did not fail to impress; the crowd was totally captivated as Straubel spoke about the soon-to-be-released more affordable Tesla III, the impressively large Tesla Gigafactory, and even their innovations in solar panel roofing.

The Exhibition

Alas, the keynote speeches soon came to an end and the crowd migrated to check out all the exhibiting companies. So, Team Globalme caffeinated, emoji-pinned up, and ventured out to meet as many of our fellow innovators as possible.



BCTech Summit 2017 Recap VR

BCTech Summit 2017 Recap VeloMetro


Networking, Networking, Networking

Both Day one and Day two were topped off with awesome receptions; free drinks and food included! Of course, networking (and taking team selfies) was an important part of the evenings as well.

BCTech Summit 2017 Recap Team

BCTech Summit 2017 Recap Drinks

We may or may not have snuck in a ride (or two… or three!) testing out this Formula One simulator. Take it from us – driving this thing does not get any easier after using up two a few of our free drink tickets.

BCTech Summit 2017 Recap Car

So, there you have it! We hope you enjoyed #BCTech Summit as much as we did. It was so great to having the opportunity to meet the companies we were (and still are) excited about in-person. Plus, everyone was conveniently located all under one roof. We hope to connect with you again soon!

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