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Jul 22, 2019 @ 7:04 PM
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Speak what now? Literally translated, ‘speakwords’ is the equivalent of the Dutch word, ‘spreekwoord’ which means ‘saying’ or ‘proverb’.

I grew up in the Netherlands, and have always loved the rich assortment of weird and funny speakwords in the Dutch language. Since I spend a fair amount of time at the Globalme office, I also spend a fair amount of time surrounded by the diverse array of languages and cultures in our team. Consequently, these speakwords tend to pop up from time to time! My fascination of these strange sayings inspired me to start doing a little research (nothing scientific, don’t worry) about speakwords around the world. Since there’s so much to explore, I’ve decided to turn it into a series! The first installment? Anything and everything to do with food.

So, let’s get going with the goat (was that a speakword?) and dive right into it. Here are the most epic and entertaining Dutch speakwords involving food!


Say cheese! We love our ‘Kaas’ in the Netherlands and we’re not alone. As the third biggest exporter of cheese, we share it with people all over the world. There’s even a cheese museum in Amsterdam. But what other kinds of foods are our wise speakwords based on?


Because when you walk into a pot of soup, you know life has taken a turn for the worst.


I know, I know, for some people, sausages are life. They’re incredibly versatile treats that can be gobbled down at every meal!


It isn’t but could be true? Now I’m just confused…


Literally you were so late that the dog ate all your food. At least your furry pooch is happy!

What’s up next? Brazillian Food Speakwords! Keep your eye out for next time.
– Erik