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IoT World Intro

It is the week after Internet of Things World 2017, and Team Globalme is still reeling from the excitement of it all. There’s something strangely invigorating about pouncing on strangers and pitching your company – figuratively, of course. You prepare for events such as these as much as you can; your suitcases are filled with branded swag and giveaways, your pockets are stuffed with business cards. But, when you finally pick up and don your badge, you know you’re in for an action-packed few days. From the flurry of activity in the exhibition hall, to the endlessly quotable panel discussions and keynote speeches; it sure was a treat to have been able to attend IoT World 2017.

The expo floor was, without a doubt, a tech-lovers version of Disneyland. Big-name companies such as Avnet, Google and Striim dominated with their sky-high exhibits. The autonomous and connected cars exhibit caused quite a stir. Startup City was packed shoulder-to-shoulder with eager-to-sell and eager-to-grow companies. Lego cities and VR headsets were a common sight to see. And, you were hard-pressed to walk by a booth that wasn’t demonstrating some kind of smart-device (ours being one of the ‘few’). Even the likes of NASA were in attendance!

IoT World Lego

IoT World Startup

Though the majority of time was spent manning our fabulously well-lit exhibition booth, we were also able to attend a few of the talks. There were a plethora of influencers and thought leaders who stepped up to take the stage. Such as, John Maddison from Fortinet, Inc., Lindsey Turrentine from CNET, James Stansberry from Samsung, Sam George from Microsoft Azure, Chris Jones from iRobot, Mickey Ferri from GetEnflux, Kevin Brown from Schneider Electric, Tracey Zhen from Zipcar, Bill Tai from The Bitfury Group, and Danny Lange from Unity Technologies – just to name a few.

IoT World Talk

There were talks about IoT Security in which panelists discussed the pros and pitfalls of interoperability. Such that, at least 40 per cent of the value of IoT comes from interoperability; but interoperability also comes with increased security risk.

There were debates as to whether IoT is truly about the ‘T’. But rather, if IoT is more about the setting; finding out where the value creation opportunity is. Not only that, but speakers also dove into all the ways in which blockchain technology is pushing us towards a decentralized Internet of Things. And, of course, talk of the ultimate smart home and connected cars came up time and time again. Needless to say, our brains have been filled with all kinds of new knowledge and insights of what is to come for the future of IoT.

To top it all off, each day ended with a music and food-filled networking event. Such as, T-Mobile’s Unleash Your Chill and the [email protected] poolside parties. Not only did we get to enjoy the sunny California sunshine, but the events proved to be a great way to take the pressure off of networking.

IMG_0672IoT World Networking Party

Hats off to the amazing team who put the event together. Thank you for hosting us and we’ll be seeing you next year, IoT World!

IoT World Crew

2017 is not yet over – there are still conferences a’plenty for us to adventure towards! If you aren’t quite sure which ones should be on your list, check out our roundup of the top tech conferences of 2017.

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