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Apr 10, 2018 @ 5:06 PM
Italian Idioms Speakwords Tile

Hello everyone! Hoping your 2017 has started off with a bang. You know what they say – new year; new speakwords (aka idioms around the world) articles! This time around, we’re focusing on animal-related idioms; we have a few Italian idioms on-hand to start the series off.

If you’re a newcomer and are thinking, “What in the world are these ‘speakwords’ you keep talking about?” you should most definitely check some of our previous articles. We dove into food-related idioms from places such as Holland, Turkey, Korea, Poland, Brazil, and Germany. You’ll also get a brief bit of history as to why and how the series came to life.

Before we get started, did you know that the Italian alphabet only contains 21 letters? Unlike English, Italian lacks the letters j, k, w, x, and y. So, if you see these letters in an Italian text, it means the word has been borrowed from another language. See if you can find any of those “non-Italian letters” in our list of Italian idioms below!

Spitting Toads

Italian Idioms - FrogIn general, toads aren’t many people’s first choice for a scrumptious dinner with friends. Hence, Italians have developed the saying “to spit the toad out” to enunciate just how repellant the taste of a toad is!

‘Hangry’ Wolves

Italian Idioms - WolfYou’ve surely heard of this one before; it’s a saying that has variations in a handful of different languages across the globe. It can either be used to refer to literal hunger related to food, or, it has also been used to describe extreme sexual desire. You choose!

Blind Moles

Italian Idioms - MoleA classic! Moles are, admittedly, a tad cuter than bats. Perhaps English-speakers should start referring to moles as well!

April Fools!

Italian Idioms - April FishIn Italy, it is not unusual to buy a chocolate fish to give to your siblings/friends, or to be given one by your parents/grandparents on April 1st. Many pranksters even enjoy sticking a paper fish on the back of your friends without them noticing! Happy April Fools, indeed.

Silent Fish

Italian Idioms - More fishThe Italians know what they’re talking about – have you ever heard a small fish (aside from the likes of Nemo and Dory of course) make a sound?

Boiled Fish

Italian Idioms - Boiled FishWhen two people are in love, they tend to stare dreamily into their partner’s eyes from across the room. Can you see the resemblance between that look of love, and the look in the eye of a boiled fish? Yes? No?

Keep your eye out for next week’s speakwords article, where we’ll be taking a trip to Germany!