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Jul 19, 2019 @ 9:10 PM
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Last week, Team Globalme (consisting of our Co-Founders, Emre and Hanna, part of our Marketing team, Erik and Naomi, and one of our Localization Engineers, Andrzej) flew up, up and away to Montreal to attend LocWorld at the Hotel Bonaventure – now we’re presenting: our LocWorld32 Montreal 2016 Recap! For those of you who don’t know, Locworld is the leading conference for international business, translation, localization, and global website management. Founded in 2003, LocWorld is the first conference of its kind to offer people from the field the opportunity to get together, share thoughts, learn and leave with new ideas and partnerships. It’s a phenomenal way to get to know the industry if you’re new to it, to network with established business professionals and likeminded people, and all-in-all, grow your knowledge base.

LocWorld32 Montreal 2016 Recap

Our Co-Founders, Hanna and Emre are LocWorld veterans (Emre has even spoken at a few of the past conferences), so we were very excited to be joining them for the adventure this time around! We were thoroughly impressed by the array of exhibitionists, the open-mindedness of all the attendees, and everyone’s willingness to have a conversation and learn from one another.

We were handing out business cards left, right, and centre – and have accumulated even more from all the people we met! We attended a meet-up at Montreal’s Bier Markt the day we landed, which was a great way to break the ice before the conference even began. Then, on Wednesday, we headed to the exhibit hall to crack open our highly mysterious crate and to set up our booth.

LocWorld32 Montreal 2016 Recap unpackingAfter the Opening Reception, we (upon invitation) crashed the LionBridge afterparty. We may or may not have gone a little crazy with the canapés and on-site photo booth.

LocWorld32 Montreal 2016 Recap funnyLocWorld32 Montreal 2016 Recap networkingLocWorld32 Montreal 2016 Recap funWe had a lot of fun with Naomi’s doppelgänger on the screen…

LocWorld32 Montreal 2016 Recap naomiLocWorld32 Montreal 2016 Recap boothBut still tried to fit in as much work as we could on the side!

LocWorld32 Montreal 2016 Recap meetingLocWorld32 Montreal 2016 Recap workingWe were so busy networking (and having fun of course), we completely neglected to take more photos of the event. However, we did take a LOT of video footage – I’m sure a few of you saw our Marketing team running around with a GoPro in-hand – which we’ve compiled into a recap video you most definitely must check out:

Looking forward to the next LocWorld!

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