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Apr 10, 2018 @ 5:39 PM
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Welcome to the third article in our Speakwords Around the World series and happy belated Halloween! Hope you celebrated and danced your pants off (responsibly, of course).

If you missed it, you should definitely check out last week’s article about Brazilian Food Speakwords. Before we go on, here’s a bit of context as to how this series came about. Literally translated, ‘speakwords’ is the equivalent of the Dutch word, ‘spreekwoord’ which means ‘saying’ or ‘proverb’. Our Marketing Manager, Erik, was born and raised in Holland, and brought his wonderful and wacky speakwords with him when he joined the Globalme team. Seeing as our office is jam-packed with people from all over the world, we were inspired to discover the wonderful and wacky speakwords from everyone’s home country. This week? Turkey!

Turkey’s cuisine is often claimed to be among the best in the world. The country’s position allowed the Turkish people to control major trade routes, connecting the Mediterranean and Far East Sea. This advantage plus the country’s climate conditions are some of the reasons for the survival of Turkish culinary traditions for over 1300 years. Are the Turkish food speakwords just as influential? Let’s find out.

localization-turkish-idioms-language-translation-3Probably the most difficult and onerous task there ever was.

localization-turkish-idioms-language-translationEveryone knows those hangry feels, am I right? Tummy rumbles take control of the logical, polite side of your brain until you’re reduced to a grumpy, snapping creature who will stuff literally anything in their mouth to satiate those hunger pangs.

localization-turkish-idioms-language-translation-4Who knew donkey’s had a thing for melon skin!

localization-turkish-idioms-language-translation-2You’ve probably encountered one of these people in your life before – you know, the ones who complain about literally everything in their life over and over again until the sound of their voice makes your brain explode.

Which Turkish food-related idiom was your favorite? Loving the one right above about eating someone else’s brain. Not only is it an accurate description, but it’s perfect for the Halloween weekend that just passed!

Keep your eye our for next week’s article where we’ll be diving into French speakwords!