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Apr 10, 2018 @ 5:23 PM
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Welcome to the sixth article in our Speakwords Around the World series. Speaking of being around the world, seriously wishing we were in sunny and warm Indonesia right about now; in the past two months, there have been five – that’s right, FIVE – dry days in Vancouver.

If you’re on a hunt for more speakwords, check out last week’s article about Polish Food Speakwords. Before we go on, here’s a bit of context as to how this series came about: Literally translated, ‘speakwords’ is the equivalent of the Dutch word, ‘spreekwoord’ which means ‘saying’ or ‘proverb’. Our Marketing Manager, Erik, was born and raised in Holland, and brought his wonderful and wacky speakwords with him when he joined the Globalme team. Seeing as our office is jam-packed with people from all over the world, we were inspired to discover the wonderful and wacky speakwords from everyone’s home country. This week? Indonesia!

Indonesia’s official language is Bahasa Indonesia, which literally means ‘the language of Indonesia’. The language is not spoken as a first language by all Indonesians though; incredibly, there are 750 native languages and dialects across the 350 ethnic groups in Indonesia. Here are some of the speakwords that developed in diverse Indonesia:

localization-indonesian-idioms-language-translation…definitely wondering if “bird’s eye chili” is a real thing!

localization-indonesian-idioms-language-translation-3Porridge-y rice isn’t always a bad thing! Helloooo, congee anyone?

localization-indonesian-idioms-language-translation-2It would require a bull (or goat, or any other horned creature) performing the perfect mannequin-challenge to pull this off.

localization-indonesian-idioms-language-translation-4TRUTH! Those buggers can find even the smallest drop of sugar anywhere!

If you liked this ones, be sure to keep your eye out for next week’s article – we’ll be diving into both Italian and Korean idioms!