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Apr 10, 2018 @ 5:42 PM
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Welcome to the second article in our Speakwords Around the World series! If you missed it, you should definitely check out the first installment of the series where we delved into Dutch Food speakwords. Before we go on, here’s a bit of context as to how this series came about. Literally translated, ‘speakwords’ is the equivalent of the Dutch word, ‘spreekwoord’ which means ‘saying’ or ‘proverb’. Our Marketing Manager, Erik, was born and raised in Holland, and brought his wonderful and wacky speakwords with him when he joined the Globalme team. Seeing as our office is jam-packed with people from all over the world, we were inspired to discover the wonderful and wacky speakwords from everyone’s home country. This week? Brazil! 

Brazil, as the largest country in South America, is a country of great diversity. Not only in its nature, culture and food, but also in the ways language is used to describe a specific problem or action. Ever made a hurricane in a cup of water? These guys have!

localization-brazil-idioms-language-translation-4Also similar to the English expression, “make a mountain out of a molehill”. Although I have to say, making a hurricane out of water is a much more eloquent way of putting it.

localization-brazil-idioms-language-translation-7In other words, “to beat around the bush”.

localization-brazil-idioms-language-translation-8Watermelon necklace’s are a real thing! I have definitely seen a few of my friends toting them around their necks – although I don’t think many people know the meaning behind it. We’ll have to enlighten them with this little tid-bit of information.

localization-brazil-idioms-language-translation-2“Soltar a franga” is pretty similar to the English expression, “to let one’s hair down”. Although this has nothing to do with the proverb, I definitely got some Pirates of the Caribbean “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” vibes – don’t you think? 😉

localization-brazil-idioms-language-translation-6An old but gold expression that is grounded in truth. Skinning pineapples is a total pain.

localization-brazil-idioms-language-translation-3You’d have to be pretty crazy to try and kick your way into a jackfruit – check out how spiky and hard-skinned they are!

localization-brazil-idioms-language-translation-5Maybe it’s because mayonnaise is all light and fluffy and cloud-like? It definitely tastes like heaven 😉

Hope you enjoyed! Next week? Turkish food speakwords!