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New Technology 2017 - Top Tech Tile

It’s that time of year again when we’re all still reeling from the post-CES excitement and are now anxiously awaiting product release dates. While 2016 was a great year for tech (check out some of our favorites here), 2017 is bringing in a new wave of awesome products we can’t wait to get our hands on. Whether you’re an enthusiast looking to set a new trend or an everyman just looking to find what fits you, there’s plenty to be excited about. Here’s the most exciting new technology 2017 has to offer:

Samsung Galaxy S8

 New Technology 2017 - Samsung Galaxy S8


If you’ve been avoiding jumping on the Apple bandwagon but are still looking for something to rival your friend’s iPhone, look no further than Samsung’s Galaxy S series. These highly acclaimed phones have been rocking the Android market for seven years. The latest entries have set the bar for what Android phones should be. While no official announcements have been made, recent rumors suggest a curved screen along with a bezel-less design. This, along with an updated processor, a 16-megapixel front camera (to record in glorious 4K), and the latest Android operating system, means we’re foaming at the mouth to see it in action.

Samsung is shaking things up with a potential desktop mode that will allow any Galaxy S8 owner to plug their device into an external display. To top it all off, you won’t even have to drill your own headphone jack like many iPhone 7 owners; headphone jacks will be standard on the device. Even if Samsung decides to play their latest entry safe, their track record of great phones has us stoked. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of official info out there. The Galaxy S is however, rumored to drop sometime this Spring. It’s expected to cost around $650 USD, so start saving, folks! To read more about the Samsung Galaxy S8, click here.

Micro Drone 3.0

 New Technology 2017 - Microdrone 3.0


In 2011, Vernon Kerswell released the original Micro Drone and received rave reviews. Over five years later, the Micro Drone is back with the Micro Drone 3.0. Much to the excitement of their fans, the 3.0 is keeping the staple modular design that made the original so convenient and popular. The changes lie in the refined design which offers tighter controls and a more smooth, accessible flying experience.

This time around, though, the Micro Drone 3.0 features a snapping magnetic design to make swapping pieces and parts easier than ever. Whether you’re changing the battery for more flight time or transforming your Micro Drone into a terrifying, 3D printed bee, you’ll be able to pull it apart without the use of hand-cramping tools. The 3.0 also boasts a 720p camera with a Micro-Gimbal upgrade for a smooth video capturing experience. The most exciting feature for us, however, is the inclusion of VR capabilities for first-person flying. This adds a new layer of depth to flying your Micro Drone. All of this along with a $195 USD price tag makes it one of the most accessible drones on the market. For more information on the Micro Drone, click here.

iPhone 8

 New Technology 2017 - iphone 8


Our love for the Samsung Galaxy S8 doesn’t mean we’re not pumped to see the latest iPhone Apple has to offer. Consequently, 2017 marks the tenth year since Apple revolutionized the cell phone market with the original iPhone. Needless to say, we’re expecting something big. Once again, there have yet to be any official announcements. But, there are plenty of rumors to fuel the fire. The iPhone 8 will be undergoing a complete redesign, introducing a full glass body, a removal of the home button, and even an OLED edge-to-edge display. If any of these rumors come true, it means we’re in for the sleekest iPhone yet.

You can expect official announcements about the design, pricing, and release date later this year. Apple’s product entries usually take place in the late summer. So, if history is any indicator, we’re just a few months away from round-the-block lineups and jam-packed Apple stores. It’s expected to have a base model priced at $650 USD along with a plus-sized model starting at $750 USD. Either way, it seems like Apple is looking to add a fresh spin to a stale market. We’re excited to see what’s in store! For more information on the latest iPhone 8 rumors, click here.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

 New Technology 2017 - Microsoft Surface


Of course, Apple isn’t the only one trying to revolutionize the market. Microsoft may not have been the one to mass-popularize the tablet, but they’re certainly taking it to the next level. After years of pushing the Surface Pro as a laptop replacement, Microsoft finally hit the sweet spot with their Surface Pro 4. Faster, lighter, and sleeker than ever, we’re excited for the steps that Microsoft is going to take for the next iteration of 2-in-1 tablet computing. Microsoft hasn’t lifted the lid on any of the major details, and it’s likely we will get an updated version of the Pro 4, but we’re not complaining by any means.

What we can assume is that the Surface Pro 5 will be running one of Intel’s new “Kaby Lake” processors, which will keep you up to speed for casual or constant use. We also hope they bump up that storage and integrate some of the latest features from their other devices on the system. And, while we’re just speculating here, the newly unveiled “Creator’s Update” coming to Windows 10 could bring some gaming-and-creative inspired features to the latest Surface Pro offering.

Either way, we can expect details on the new device soon. It’s likely to drop sometime in Spring of 2017 starting at $899 USD. For more information on the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, click here.


 New Technology 2017 - Pilot


Last year, a gadget right out of the sci-fi trappings of Douglas Adams showed up on IndieGoGo. Pilot, by Waverly Labs, approached the masses with one goal: make translation as effortless as possible. The resulting device is one that comes straight out of Star Trek, translating spoken words in real time. The device uses a lot of technology already available, but it combines concepts to create a device that will allow the everyman to communicate in the midst of a different language without having to spend years mastering it. Pilot will also sync to your phone via Bluetooth to allow you to control what language it translates from and to.

While the ear buds do not automatically detect the language to translate for you, it’s a great tool for travelers and business people alike. Right now, you can nab yourself a preorder of the Pilot for $199 USD. A set will include two earpieces (so you can lend one to your conversation partner) and a portable charger. It’s set to retail for $299 USD, and will be released in May of 2017. For more information on the Pilot, click here.

Pixel 3 Laptop

 New Technology 2017 - Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel (2015) via

If there’s one tech giant that will forever keep us guessing, it’s Google. From releasing their own cable internet service to stepping into the smartphone business with their own OS, Google isn’t afraid of putting themselves in the heat of competition. But the rumored Pixel 3 Laptop, whatever it turns out to be, is shaping up to be a bold step in portable computers. The line between tablet, phone, and laptop has been getting thinner and thinner with each year. With the success of Google’s Chrome OS, an evolution in cheap mobile computing is something we’re always looking forward to hear.

The Pixel 3 laptop is supposedly set to debut the new Andromeda OS that fully combines the Chrome and Android platforms. The idea of an OS that works across platforms isn’t something that’s new. Microsoft, after all, has been doing just that since Windows 8 launched in 2012. But Google’s idea of an open-source, Android based laptop sounds too good to be true. While we are far away from concrete details, rumors suggest that the Pixel 3 laptop will be sporting an impressive i5 processor under the hood. This, along with a 2-in-1 tablet design, means the Pixel 3 laptop will be closer to an ultrabook than a Chromebook.

Like all up-and-coming tech, it will come at a price, rumored to retail at about $799 USD. Regardless, we’re excited to see Google officially reveal the Pixel 3 in the Fall of 2017. For more information on the Pixel 3 laptop, click here.

Microsoft Surface Studio

 New Technology 2017 - Microsoft Surface Studio


Okay, so, there’s already quite a bit of info on this release, but we’re excited nonetheless. Following the success of their Surface brand, Microsoft unveiled the remarkable Surface Studio. This desktop/drawing board is one of the first successful entries Microsoft has made in the creative department, designing a device to appeal mainly to visual artists and creators in general. Boasting a 28” PixelSense™ display, the Surface Studio can be used like a traditional desktop, or it can fold into the ultimate digital studio. Under the hood, the Studio boasts the latest of Intel’s offerings and supports up to 32GB of RAM.

For even more horsepower, Microsoft gives you the option of NVIDIA graphics with 4GB of dedicated memory. All of which is fitted in a sleek, aluminum body that brings style to the substance. Microsoft even announced the Surface Dial, which adds another color in the artist’s palette. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come cheap. Expect to pay a whopping $2,999 USD for the entry model of the Microsoft Surface Studio. You can order yours now and expect it to be on your doorstep sometime early 2017. For more information on the Microsoft Surface Studio, click here.

Nintendo Switch

 New Technology 2017 - Nintendo Switch


In 2012, Nintendo released a follow-up to their wildly successful Wii hoping to continue that momentum. Unfortunately, the Wii U didn’t resonate with audiences quite like Nintendo hoped, and the system was met with terrible sales. Understandably, there is a deal of nervous energy surrounding the release of Nintendo’s latest console: The Switch. But, after releasing a reveal trailer last fall almost entirely by surprise, things are looking promising for Nintendo. Bolstering a 6.2 inch display and a custom graphics chip by NVIDIA, the Switch is promising to deliver a home console experience on the go. But it’s more than just a tablet with a little extra horsepower; the Switch also includes two joy-cons, which allow the same feeling of a traditional controller while also adding Nintendo’s staple motion control and even advanced haptic feedback for new gaming experiences.

While there were mixed receptions to Nintendo’s recent presentation, the Nintendo Switch will be dropping on March 3rd for $299 USD. Here’s hoping Nintendo is able to live up to its promise and deliver a system more akin to the Wii than the Wii U. For more information on the Nintendo Switch, click here.

Project Scorpio

 New Technology 2017 - Project Scorpio


It’s clearly a big year for Microsoft; this is the third item on our list! But what can we say, Microsoft has been killing it with their recent contributions to the hardware space. The tech giant has been tight-lipped on exactly what Scorpio will look like so far. But they’ve been open enough on the guts of the system that we’re clawing for more information. Microsoft boasts a release of the most powerful console ever made. Scorpio promises 6 teraflops of power, which is 1.8 teraflops greater than Sony’s recently released Playstation 4 Pro. In other words, Scorpio will be able to support true 4K gaming; great news for those early adopters looking to game seriously on their 4K televisions.

All of this extra power also has us excited for what Microsoft has in store for Virtual Reality with Xbox. While nothing official has been released, Project Scorpio’s bold claims of power would be a great fit for VR, which competitor Sony already dove into last year with their debut in the VR space: Playstation VR. All power comes at a price, however. Current estimates suggest anywhere from $399 to $600 USD. For more information on Project Scorpio, click here.


 New Technology 2017 - SmartHalo


The future of biking is here. That’s what the Montreal-based engineers of SmartHalo are claiming with their title device. While the world of tech isn’t shy of making bold claims, something about SmartHalo plucks all the right chords; we’re excited to take it for a spin. With the help of your smart device, SmartHalo brings a minimalist, technological interface to your bike. It provides information about your ride without the hassle of having to stop and pull out your phone. Smart tech advancements in biking have been a long time coming; there are sure to be plenty of commuters around the world eager to snap this product up.

SmartHalo comes with a variety of features, most notably a navigation tool and fitness tracker. But it also features a light that turns on automatically when the sun goes down, which is important for safety. Speaking of safety, SmartHalo features an alarm system that activates whenever it senses unusual movement around your bike. If that’s not enough, SmartHalo also acts as a smart assistant for your phone so you’ll never miss a call on a ride. If you’re dying to get your hands on the SmartHalo like we are, you can preorder now for $179 USD. The SmartHalo is expected to launch late January 2017. For more information on the SmartHalo, click here.

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