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Subtitle Translation: Global Accessibility in 6 Easy Steps

The viewer experience is the number one priority when adding subtitles to a video. Video content is meant to be engaging, and carrying that engaging experience to other languages via subtitles requires the perfect balance of language and technical know-how.

So let’s look at how a team works together to create engaging subtitles that communicate the intended message, whether it’s for a movie, training or promotion, properly.


We explain why a good subtitling strategy is such an important part of your business plan.

Why is a Subtitling Strategy Such a Vital Part of Your Business Plan?

Online video’s popularity is growing fast, with no sign of slowing down. Quality digital video production has become available to anyone, and more and more channels are opening up for sharing. Video has become almost the default source when people are searching for information online.

So you and/or your company should probably be investing in video. And with all of the sharing avenues you’re thinking about, it’s worth thinking about using subtitles to make that sharing more effective.