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Data is at the heart of any innovation.
We collect various types of data on the field to help our clients develop the future.



Validation research and data collection are critical to the success of any new technology. Data collection and planning ahead of development saves money and ensures the technology will meet the needs of the user. Specialized data collection provide critical samples for research, development, testing and tuning. image data, video data, handwriting. Data samples include: Data in the cars, Home and office, Running and cycling, Natural noise and ambient noise collection, Accent/dialect sample collection. We have run Speech Data Collection projects to replicate ambient noise conditions that could interfere with a product’s ability to pick up speech.

multilingual data collection
natural language utterance data collection


There is no way to safely assume that your customer will always choose the same words when asking a question or initiating a request. “Where is the closest supermarket?” “Find: grocery store near me” or “Is there a convenience store nearby?” all indicate the same thing, but are phrased very differently. We identify all of the ways people articulate the same request and collect the data in order to teach it to your technology.


After collecting natural utterance data, we build the information into the device for continuous learning. Creating a multilingual corpus of phrases and terminology belonging to different languages and in different accents is a critical step in developing natural language understanding systems.

terminology development data collection
lexicon development data collection


When a person speaks to a smart device, the device converts the spoken word to text and algorithms that it can understand. Complications arise when you incorporate slang into your phrases, speak a different language, speak in your non-native language with a heavy accent, or mix languages together in the same sentence. We create wide-reaching and richer lexicons and add to existing corpora, allowing the device to ‘understand’ more.


Our native transcribers provide accurate phonetic transcriptions and our quality assurance team ensures nothing slips through the cracks. We analyze and transcribe each audio recording according to your unique requirements; including custom noise-markers and segmentation rules.

multilingual transcription data collection
semantic and linguistic data analysis


Data is empty until someone assigns meaning to it. Our team of localization engineers identifies the intent of the user as they initiate a request, and map the command to the features of your product, guaranteeing smooth human-computer interaction.

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