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Mar 25, 2020 @ 6:14 PM

Terence Globalme office

Meet Terence, Localization Engineer

My name is Terence, and I’m a Localization Engineer here at Globalme.

Though I was born in Hong Kong, I moved to Vancouver when I was just a kid. To me, Vancouver is home; I resonate more with the mountains, the ocean, and calmer city life here than I do with the jam-packed streets of Hong Kong.

I mean, you can’t live in BC and not appreciate and all the nature it has to offer, right?

And because I grew up in Vancouver, I’ve always been a huge hockey fan—I live and die by the Canucks.

I got to watch both the Canadian Olympic gold medal and the 2011 Canucks playoff run in downtown public viewings. Those were incredible events to be a part of (luckily, I got out of downtown before the extracurricular started after Game 7).

I also got to watch the Sedins’ last home game. That was incredibly special to be part of that atmosphere. It was a storybook ending too, as Henrik passed to Daniel in overtime to score on the powerplay and win the game. The arena went nuts.

For fun, I occasionally draw silly web comics on the side.

How I Ended Up at Globalme

I earned my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia.

The thing I love most about engineering is figuring out how things work; taking things apart, putting them back together, applying my knowledge in different processes, and so on.

But that didn’t necessarily mean I had to follow the traditional path Civil Engineers usually take. The world is your oyster; as long as you have the motivation to pull it off!

When I stumbled upon Globalme in 2015, they were looking for people to join a data collection project for in-car speech systems.

Though that particular project didn’t pertain to my engineering side, it opened the door for my evolution into becoming a Localization Engineer.

Years later, I’m still working with Globalme on a handful of new and exciting projects.  

Terence Globalme working

What I Love About Globalme

One of the things that I love about working at Globalme is that we have an amazing environment that supports and helps foster continuous learning. As an engineer, I like discovering new technologies and learning new processes, and I’ve always felt able to do that here.

For example, I like learning about new tools that help with our translation processes, like different translation management systems, or learning about new/existing integrations that we can use to connect to our existing tools. I try to keep an open mind whenever possible to expose myself to new technologies and projects.

It’s great to work alongside like-minded individuals who love to tackle new challenges – especially in the technology industry which requires you to keep up with the latest and greatest trends.

At the same time, I really enjoy working as part of a team with such varied backgrounds and cultures. It’s always fun to learn about other places and languages.

My goal is to continue to absorb everything I can from the more senior localization engineers in the company, to get involved in more projects, and to hopefully tackle some as a project lead as well.

– Terence