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Jul 19, 2019 @ 7:39 PM

Every once in a while, Team Globalme gets together for a potluck extravaganza to celebrate all the amazing cultures (and culinary creations) of everyone in the office. Last Friday, we decided to hold our Globalme potluck 2016 as well as introduce a new office concept: Fancy Dress Fridays (or #FDF for short). How did this idea come about, you ask? Well, as I’m sure you know, the typical dress code or “uniform” at most startups consists of jeans and a hoodie – which is the exact opposite of most offices where you’re expected to wear a blazer, slacks, a tie, and a collared shirt. Because of this, many companies hold “Casual Fridays” in which their employees can enjoy the comfort and freedom of their favorite pair of jeans. Since we always get to enjoy the comfort of our favorite pair of jeans and rarely get to rock up in our more snazzy outfits, we thought we’d switch it up a little. Thus, on the last Friday of every month, you’ll see us dressed to the nine’s. That’s not to say #FDF can’t be taken under interpretation – Funny Dress Fridays are equally as encouraged! Here are a few photos of our first attempt at FDF (and of the entire team gorging ourselves on food):

Globalme Potluck 2016

Prepping the high table with our parade of home-made dishes…

globalme potluck 2016 setup

Felix obviously takes food preparation very seriously (just as it should be taken)

globalme potluck 2016 felix

A great outfit is aaaaall about the details (Rick’s hat and Walker’s socks are on point)

globalme potluck 2016 rickglobalme potluck 2016 walker

Francesca’s expression of wonderment perfectly exemplifies how we were all feeling staring at the pile of food…

globalme potluck 2016 novita

Erik, too, stared longingly down at all the treats, waiting to pounce…

globalme potluck 2016 erik

Helloooo kebabs…

globalme potluck 2016 closeup

Emotions were high and stomachs were grumbling as the food distribution finally – finally – began!

globalme potluck 2016 eating

globalme potluck 2016 table

There were most definitely no ‘hangry’ faces around the office today!

globalme potluck 2016 food

Dessert was a cake jam-packed with apples, cinnamon, and raisins (a secret hand-me-down recipe from Erik’s Opa who used to be a baker)

globalme potluck 2016 cake

globalme potluck 2016 team

Teams that chow down together, stay together!

globalme potluck 2016 fancy friday

Our Co-Founder, Emre, popped some prosecco to help wash down our food as he gave a presentation to the team.

globalme potluck 2016 proseco

All these food photos are already making me drool in anticipation for the next potluck. Or maybe it’s just time for second lunch…