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Mar 7, 2017 @ 11:22 PM

Being at Globalme (and being involved in #startuplife in general) feels a bit like a rollercoaster ride. We’re growing fast and are immersed in handfuls of interesting and challenging projects. Which means that sometimes, it’s good to take a breath, pinch ourselves in the arm, and celebrate what we’ve accomplished so far. Plus, the summer months here in Vancouver are drawing to a close as we edge into September, and we wanted to soak up some sunshine before winter arrives! We left our laptops in the office, grabbed some burgers, buns, chips, dips, fruit salads, our swimmers and sunscreen and headed down to Kitsilano beach. We spent the day rolling around in the sand, playing volleyball, jumping in the (freezing) waves, and paddle boarding. Enjoy our short Globalme at the Beach Recap!


The Globalme flag was waving luxuriously in the wind…

Globalme at the Beach Recap location


While we played Globalme vs. Globalme volleyball.


Globalme at the Beach Recap volleyball

Our Co-Founder, Emre, spent the day flipping burgers…

Globalme at the Beach Recap burger

And the rest of the team spent the day filling their bellies with delicious snacks!

Globalme at the Beach Recap food


The feels you get after a looong week of meetings, phone calls, and hustling as shown by our Co-Founder, Hanna:

Globalme at the Beach Recap hand

And to top the day off, we took the selfie of all selfies!

Globalme at the Beach Recap


Hope your weekend was as great as ours! Time to get back to the office…

– Team Globalme.