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Mar 14, 2017 @ 10:34 PM

Since November 2015, approximately 30,000 Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada in response to one of the worst crises of today. Although they have found peace and safety in their new home, there is still much work to be done. Especially when it comes to jobs for Syrian refugees in Vancouver.

More than 2,000 refugees now call British Columbia home (half of which have been relocated to the greater Vancouver-area), most of whom are determined to leave the chaos of the war behind. As they are aided by the provincial government with finding and moving into new, permanent homes, there is an ever-increasing need for these people to find jobs to provide for their families. Despite the fact that most of the refugees are educated and skilled professionals who were evicted from previously established careers in their native homes, it is undoubtedly difficult to start anew. In fact, most of the refugees, since their arrival, are still without work – and forecasted by the Canadian Government, many new arrivals will be unable to find a paying job within the first year of their new lives in Canada.

jobs for syrian refugees in vancouver

Although we, fortunately, do not know what it is like to be displaced from our homes as the Syrian refugees have been, we do indeed have a unique insight into the trials and tribulations that come with moving to a new country whose native language is not your own. Our work with localization exposes us to eloquent, unique, and curious cultures and languages, and our team – made up of people from all around the world – is a reflection of our respect and love for diversity. In fact, almost 80 percent of our team (14 out of 18 people) were born and raised abroad. Hanna Golota, Founder and Managing Partner at Globalme surmises, “We have employees from all corners of the globe, so we are used to coping and thriving with cultural differences – and welcome them with open arms. In fact, those differences are what makes our team so amazing. We have people from France, Korea, Holland, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Turkey and Poland… Syria is a wonderful addition to that list”.

Jobs for Syrian Refugees in Vancouver: Globalme Involved

Years ago, Globalme started an initiative dubbed Globalme Involved with the objective of utilizing the services we offer to better the lives of those in need in our local community. Now, Globalme Involved has grown to encompass a new goal: to help Syrian refugees successfully integrate into the local community, provide exposure to Canadian culture and working style, and hopefully give them a running start to their life in Vancouver. After a (successful) interview process, Globalme will invite the candidate to join the team for a three-month, fully paid employment opportunity starting at 15 hours per week, similar to that of an internship. They will be able to work on a wide range of tasks and projects alongside our clients pertaining to their area of expertise. “Providing projects that are in line with a person’s’ professional background is essential for the recovery process,” Golota continues, “If we want to give refugees a fair chance of a better future, the right employment is one of the key elements”. Last week, we invited our first Syrian employee, Sammy, to join the Globalme ranks. While he gets acquainted to the team, we will be keeping our eye out for the next candidate(s) to join the program alongside him!

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The program will be around as long as there is a need; there is always room for expansion for people from similar situations who are struggling to find work in Vancouver. It is our hope that we will be able to catalyze a successful career for the refugees, and ultimately have a positive impact on their lives in the future. We challenge (and hope that) other companies in Vancouver – and around the world – will follow our lead in welcoming these Syrian refugees into the community and help to create jobs for Syrian refugees in Vancouver.

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