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Feb 16, 2018 @ 6:55 PM


Women in Tech World (WinTech)

There are a lot of initiatives this month to get excited about. Kim Wysseier, our Human Resources Manager, is working with 140 volunteers to get Women in Tech World (WinTech) launch a fact-finding mission. This is part of their quest to elevate women in tech.

One of their initiatives, Driving WinTech is to create and share a National Report on the experiences of women in tech. The WinTech team accomplishes this by sourcing information from 10,000+ women in the tech industry across Canada.

Kim had the opportunity to speak about WinTech on CBC Radio’s Phare Ouest show to spread the word about this powerful initiative. We can’t wait to see the progress her and the WinTech team continue to make throughout this year. You can listen to Kim’s interview here.

The Office is Going Green

Our team has its own initiative running as well, aimed at helping the planet. We’re starting simple, by not buying coffee or food in disposable containers. If someone forgets to bring their food or their coffee cup and buys something in a disposable container, they buy a tree. We’re taking this initiative to the Interspeech conference by not handing out paper brochures. Instead, we are offering information about our speech related data and testing services online. There is an incredible amount of waste created at conferences. Distributed materials are often disposed shortly after, and we want to raise awareness.