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Mar 26, 2018 @ 5:10 PM

Turkish Film Festival

This weekend in Vancouver, the home base for our Globalme team, we had the privilege of sponsoring and attending the Vancouver Turkish Film Festival. Different members of our team got the chance to attend the event and enjoy the culturally authentic film festival, taking advantage of an opportunity to explore a new culture in a familiar art form.

Why did we get involved? Our team is from all over the world and our co-founder Emre Akkas comes from the country the festival represents, Turkey. The connection to his roots and being a successful entrepreneur gave him a perfect chance to support his culture’s art within Vancouver. What we didn’t expect was being asked to produce ads for the event, which was really fun for us. Below you will find one of the videos, consisting of city strollers and Globalme employees sharing the colloquialisms of their respective languages. We hope the festival grows even more next year!