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Feb 9, 2017 @ 10:00 PM

Last September, our own Hanna Golota talked to Techvibes about women working in the tech industry. Last month, we celebrated International Women’s Day with all the ladies (and gents) working at Globalme. This month, we made our strong female presence official by becoming a certified woman-owned business. WEConnect International granted us the official seal of certification, guaranteeing that our company meets the universal standards for Women’s Business Enterprises (WBE’s). Why is this such good news and what does it mean for Globalme (and of course our clients) to become an official woman-owned business?

Well, first of all it means that we have something to celebrate, which is great in itself because our office loves finding a reason to gather around food! More importantly, it recognizes us as a woman-owned business (or woman-led company) with a strong presence in today’s high tech market. Nevertheless, our clients are likely the ones to benefit the most from this certification.

Unfortunately, there is still a large gap between the number of businesses owned by men and companies that can call themselves a woman-owned business. This is especially prevalent in the tech sector ( has a great read on this). Although we are a Canadian-based company, we do a lot of our projects south of the border. In the U.S., many public companies as well as local, state and federal governments are required to allot a certain percentage of business to companies that are woman-owned. This makes our new certification great news for some of our current and future clients in the U.S.

Back home in Canada, there is also a widespread need for more female entrepreneurs. In 2013, only 17% of all small businesses in Canada could call themselves officially a woman-owned business. Although these numbers are improving, the imbalance is still alarming.

While we don’t expect anyone to knock on our door because Globalme is a woman-owned buniness, we hope they knock because we have a lot of very talented people (both women and men) working on amazing projects for our clients, or because we have an innovative solution for the challenges that they are facing. The fact that we are a certified woman-owned company might just act as another perk for doing business with us.