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Mar 9, 2020 @ 7:09 PM

Globalme_LocWorld_RectangleTeam Globalme spent last week in Santa Clara, California attending the one and only LocWorld35. This was the second time we were exhibiting at the conference, having made our big debut at LocWorld32 in Montreal, Quebec.


LocWorld35 didn’t disappoint; with almost 700 people in attendance, the Silicon Valley venue garnered the most attention out of any other LocWorld this year. There were talks, panel discussions and round-tables left, right, and center – not to mention a rather fabulous looking exhibition hall.

The event gathered together thought-leaders and representatives from big-name tech companies such as GoPro, Netflix, Eventbrite, Pinterest, Cloudflare and more. As well, we were happy to see many of the veteran localization companies – and our peers – in attendance such as Moravia, Matecat, Multilingual, Jonckers, Acclaro and Welocalize (just to name a few). It’s always lovely seeing familiar faces roaming the conference halls with the familiar purple LocWorld lanyard around their necks.

Globalme_LocWorld_IMG_1839 - Conference Hall editWith our bright and shiny back-wall in tow, we arrived at the conference with an aim in mind: help conference-goers break the ice when networking with other attendees with our #LocalizationConnects game. How, you ask? By visiting our booth, you would receive a Globalme goodie bag filled with five matching stickers, and an empty #LocalizationConnects postcard. You would identify other active players by those conference-goers who were also donning the matching Globalme bags, and ask to swap stickers. After collecting all five stickers, players would return to our booth and be entered to win $300 towards their next vacation.

Globalme_LocWorld_IMG_1823We had a prime location in the exhibition hall; smack bang in front of the long rows of food LocWorld provided. Not only were we able to munch happily on snacks all day long, but crowds of people flocked to our little corner of the exhibit like moths to a flame. Or rather, like caffeine-deprived conference-goers to a fresh pot of coffee.

Team Globalme had a great time pitching the game (and our services, of course) to everyone who walked by and happened to make eye-contact with us. It was exhilarating seeing the number of people walking around the conference hall with our bags perched on their shoulders. It was even more exhilarating being witness to the connections and excited conversations that our #LocalizationConnects game catalyzed.

Globalme_LocWorld_IMG_1801If you thought that was all we had up our sleeves, you were sorely mistaken. That’s right, we had yet another interactive aspect to our booth: whiteboard speech bubbles. We’re usually modest people, but there’s no amount of modesty that can deny how awesome our back-wall is. Taking advantage of its eye-catching design (and brightness), we asked passer-by’s to ask themselves the question, “What does localization connect for you?” and to write their answer on our speech bubbles. Needless to say, it was wonderful seeing the responses people came up with – as well as the smiles and giggles at having their picture taken in front of our back-wall.
Globalme_LocWorld_IMG_1805Globalme_LocWorld_IMG_1744Much like last year, we created a short recap video of the conference. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use all the material we had – including an inside look at some of the talks, the breathtaking Levi’s Stadium, and the piles of food that kept appearing in front of our booth. Otherwise, our short recap video would’ve turned into a feature-length film if we did! Check it out:

If you’re interested in seeing all of the photos we snapped, check out our LocWorld35: Silicon Valley Facebook photo album. Many of the photographs are candid and informal; taken while our team walked around the booths enjoying the show. You’ll see friends and colleagues in them – and we hope you can spot yourself!

If you didn’t have the chance to chat with someone from Globalme, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email to say “hello”.