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Aug 12, 2019 @ 6:09 PM

Globalme 2019 team photo

It’s been an action-packed summer here at Globalme.


  • went on our annual team retreat to Whistler;
  • had a (slightly wet) BBQ in the park;
  • held our first Learning & Development series session;
  • took a group kickboxing class;
  • and continued our world-famous tradition of monthly potlucks.

Here’s a quick recap of everything we’ve been up to (besides actually working, of course).

Annual Whistler Retreat 2019

In May, our team gathered for the Globalme Annual Retreat in Whistler, BC.

We bonded over a weekend of team-building activities, hiking, zip lining, hanging out at the lake, and making each other (surprisingly sophisticated) home-cooked meals.

Oh, and did we mention our incredibly stylish Hawaiian theme party?


And if that video wasn’t enough to get you excited, here’s a randomly ordered carousel of carefully selected photos from our memorable weekend.

We can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Globalme Summer BBQ

Because we like each other so much, we decided to hold another company-wide event in July. We invited all our staff, freelancers, and +1s to meet up at Sunset Beach Park for a BBQ in the sun.

The weather was a little wetter than anticipated, but a little rain never hurt anyone.

Launching the L&D Program

July marked the official start of our new Learning & Development (L&D) Program. The L&D Program is an employee-led education series where our team members prepare education sessions for the entire organization, allowing us to learn from one another.

The L&D Program gives everyone on the Globalme team the opportunity to expand on our soft skills. Learning these soft skills helps not only with career development and our personal lives, it’s also an opportunity to learn from coworkers we may not always get the chance to work with.

Our first presentation was about Negotiation, and how it should be thought of as problem solving rather than as an adversarial process. It was led both by remote and in-office staff—which was pretty cool.

Our whole team learned a lot! We also used this as an opportunity to hold our monthly potluck, so we also ate a lot.

Future sessions will focus on Strategic/Critical Thinking, Team Management, and Productivity/Efficiency.

Fun fact: From our company’s employee engagement survey, 81% of Globalme employees feel our development is encouraged.

Kickin’ It

Because every other event we held involved food, we decided we could use a little exercise. Globalme brought in a personal trainer on-site to give us a group kickboxing lesson.

Giving Back in Creative Ways

The BC Tech for Learning Society collects donated computers and tech, trains and hires youth to refurbish the computers, and then distributes them to schools, nonprofits, libraries, First Nations groups, and students across BC.

In August, Globalme was happy to donate 12 laptops and a monitor to this great cause.

Not only does it reduce waste, it also creates jobs and education opportunities.

Awesome, right?

Join Our Team

In other exciting news, our team has now eclipsed over 60 employees in size—and we’re continuing to grow at a fast pace.

Interested in joining our team? Take a look at our Careers page to see if there’s a role that’s the right fit for you.

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