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Feb 16, 2018 @ 6:56 PM

After more than two years of sharing a street with Vancouver icons like Steamworks, the Gassy Jack statue and the famous Steam Clock, Globalme has made the jump from Gastown to Yaletown. Although it was hard to say goodbye to our beloved Gastown hangout, we are very excited to make our mark in the vibrant Yaletown neighbourhood. Alas, no more extraordinary views of the North Shore mountains, but hey, we got a whole lot of good stuff in return. Staying downtown keeps us in an easy to reach place for clients and participants of our speech data collection projects. Being close to some excellent restaurants, cafes and bars doesn’t hurt either. The main reason why we waved our old office goodbye though, is simple: we ran out of space for our rapidly growing team. And that’s the best news essentially: Globalme is still growing at an incredible rate and every month new and awesome people are joining our team. If you are interested in working at Globalme, check out our current job postings.

Last (part of the) team photo in our beloved Gastown Office.

Our new Yaletown location provides us with enough space to keep growing for months and maybe even years to come. New custom made desks (we are so grateful for the building skills of our team), plenty of meeting rooms and a brand new kitchen keep us sharp and comfortable while working on exciting projects.

Don’t be a stranger when you happen to be in the area. The coffee will be ready and we’d love to give you a tour of our new headquarters.

Globalme New OfficeThe new view we have to get used to.

Globalme New OfficeRight there, on the third floor, that’s us!