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Feb 16, 2018 @ 6:32 PM

The last couple of weeks have been pretty exciting for Globalme and especially for our COO and Co-Founder Hanna Golota. Hanna always makes sure we stretch our brains and capabilities, never get too comfortable, and feel confident to deep dive into the unknown. We missed seeing her in the office for the past two weeks, as she took on quite the challenge herself and stepped out of the comfort zone.

It all started with Hanna’s nomination for the EY Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year award earlier this month. Hanna and our CEO, Emre Akkas, needed to go through several interviews with EY representatives – we’re holding our breath and our fingers crossed until July 14th results announcement – to share their story of building a bootstrapped tech company from the ground up, their vision of its future and the tech industry. One week later Hanna got nominated for another award. This time it was the Entrepreneurial Winning Women Award meaning another round of interviews. This included a pitch in which she carefully explained why Globalme is the most awesome company in Canada. We all think she’s way to modest though – we’re pretty sure Globalme is the most awesome company in the world!

Hanna Golota at WEConnect International DayHanna at the WBENC WeConnect conference

Her already packed schedule was put to the test when she got invited to speak at the WEConnect International day in Las Vegas. She took place in a panel together with Intel and Kelly Services, discussing the importance of diversity in the supply chain. With a team of 30 at Globalme, no less than 19 different nationalities and a primarily female team, Hanna had a thing or two to share with the audience about diversity. Being such a diverse company is something we are very proud of, and we really believe it makes our team and business thrive. It’s something we are all very passionate about and we hope our successful diversity inspires other companies along the way.

You might think the rollercoaster ride ended there, but you couldn’t have been further from the truth. Just a few days later Hanna was on stage again at the WEBENC event – TechHub, organized by Facebook, Google and Intel – sharing how Globalme uses technology to stay on top of our business.

Hanna Golota at WEConnect International Day

Hanna meeting with future clients at WEConnect International Day

Although she was away from the office, Hanna’s adventures are a great inspiration for our team. She put herself in a place where she could grow, while at the same time presenting Globalme to the world, making new connections and shaking hands with current and future clients. While Hanna doesn’t do a lot of pitching or public speaking day-to-day, she enjoyed the opportunities to speak of the things she is passionate about. Being quite modest, talking about why Globalme is such a great company is not something that lies in her nature. Nonetheless she took on the challenge, left her comfort zone far behind, and climbed on multiple stages. She spoke about her vision on technology and diversity, shared Globalme’s incredible journey and won over the hearts of many in the audience.

It shows us at Globalme that nothing is impossible, as long as you put your mind to it and you are willing to make the effort. If you want something, go out there and make it happen. Forget about the comfort zone. Nothing beautiful ever came from that place.