Data Collection and Localization Resources

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn more about machine learning and data collection or a linguist looking to brush up on the latest in localization, these resources can help you learn more about language and emerging technologies.


Phone Conversation Data Set

In need of phone conversation data for a conversational interface or speech recognition technology? Download our data samples in Dutch, Japanese, and English.

alexa wake word sample dataset

Alexa Wake Word Sample Data Set

Listen to samples of multilingual Alexa wake word voice commands to hear why custom data collection can help you create a better user experience for an international audience.

Road, Car, and People Sample Dataset Cover

Road, Car, and People Sample Data Set

Whether you’re building security surveillance tech or autonomous cars, the visual data of roads, cars, and people give devices a set of eyes. Get your sample dataset here.

eye gaze sample dataset

Eye Gaze Sample Dataset

The quality of your eye gaze data helps you build your biometric-enabled device to understand the human behavior of eye movement. Get a sample of high-quality eye gaze data.

globalme data collection guide cover with moon

The Ultimate Guide to Data Collection

Developing state-of-the-art technologies could mean searching for the right data. Download this guide to learn about the process of data collection for emerging technologies.

building chatbots with zero experience white paper

Building Chatbots with Zero Experience

Can a chatbot be configured with no machine learning experience? This white paper shows how a Globalme team member configured Lex, Dialogflow, Watson, and Rasa with minimal chatbot experience.

smart home AI white paper

Building an Advanced Smart Home AI

Can we make the integration of advanced AI in smart homes a reality? Find out as we explain how advanced AI can be made possible with the help of custom data collection.



internationalization of assets

Internationalization of Assets

World-readiness, also known as globalization or internationalization, is crucial for creating a globally viable product. Learn the 7 best practices of internationalization.

best practices for web localization

Best Practices for Web Localization

Is a localized website part of your business expansion plan? Follow these best practices to develop a plan for the multilayered process of website localization.

localization testing checklist

Localization Testing Checklist

You've finally localized your content. Now what? Quality Assurance (QA) and testing is the next step. Use this checklist to make sure you've covered all bases of localization.

keep transcription costs down whitepaper

How to Keep Transcription Costs Down

Transcribing interviews can be a lengthy ordeal that requires a flexible budget. Here’s how you can be cost-efficient with transcription when working with a tight budget.


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