Sample Datasets for Machine Learning

Looking for annotated data for your machine learning applications?

Explore samples of our pre-packaged speech, image, and video datasets below.

Phone Conversation Dataset

In need of phone conversation data for a conversational interface or speech recognition technology? Download our data samples in Dutch, Japanese, and English.

alexa wake word sample dataset

Alexa Wake Word Sample Dataset

Listen to samples of multilingual Alexa wake word voice commands to hear why custom data collection can help you create a better user experience for an international audience.

Road, Car, and People Sample Dataset Cover

Road, Car, and People Sample Dataset

Whether you’re building security surveillance tech or autonomous cars, the visual data of roads, cars, and people give devices a set of eyes. Get your sample dataset here.

eye gaze sample dataset

Eye Gaze Sample Dataset

The quality of your eye gaze data helps you build your biometric-enabled device to understand the human behavior of eye movement. Get a sample of high-quality eye gaze data.


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