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Globalme tests emerging tech. Wearables, devices, software, and apps from the moment of inception, to the first prototype, to the moment they hit the shelves.



Requirements testing is the foundation with which we build our critical examination; it is where we formally test a product to verify that it works as designed in a pass/fail setting. Utilizing various automation and simulation tools as well as different devices (Macs, PCs, Android, iPhone, and so on), we test the functionality, accessibility and usability of the product across platforms.

requirements testing
usability testing


Usability testing is a chance for end users to test products through an extended test period. Target users bring the product home and use it as they would any product they have bought on their own. Longer term usability testing brings to light issues that would be difficult to simulate in a test lab – will a touch screen continue to operate if the user’s hands are wet? Usability Testing has proven to significantly improve the chances of success by simulating instances which would only usually occur once the product is on the market.


Field testing refers to testing that takes place in the environment for which it is meant. Does your fitness tracker’s water resistance hold up against an extra sweaty athlete? Do smart glasses survive if they are dropped on the ground? Does the product interpret words spoken with an accent? Is your design beautiful and intuitive? These questions are critical  to a product’s success in the real world.

field testing
out of the box experience testing


First impressions are everything. With Out-of-the-Box experience testing, we watch the user’s first interaction with the product in real-time to expose any potential obstacles. Does the packaging and design reflect your brand, the product, and the intention behind it? Is the product set-up intuitive and hassle free from the get-go? The quality of that first interaction with your product can prevent or motivate buyer’s remorse, and result in positive or negative endorsements. With 81% of buying decisions influenced by personal recommendations, and 61% influenced by social media and online reviews, it is hugely important that you get that first impression right.


We have the technical experience to perform Motion and Speech Recognition Testing for even the most advanced software. We test leading edge technologies for speech recognition technology, motion technology & wearables in a spectrum of languages and cultures.

Motion and Speech Recognition Testing

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